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Musings on Infinite Book Series


My writer personae have become a bit muddy. First there was David Lawrence. Then there was D. C. L. ... and KOI DUST... and Dave from another Dimension (DfaD). Now, if I knew how to keep these four personae playing in their own repective ponds, then maybe they wouldn't be so hard to keep separate. But, some of David Lawrence's short stories somehow made it into D. C. L.'s Infinite Book 1: Short Stories, which is, well, a little unorthodox. Sorry.


Fake apologies aside, here's why...


Infinite Book Series is an intentional blurring of the lines between fact and fiction, spirit and matter, magic and reality, sanity and psychosis. David Lawrence is all about art. D. C. L. is all about the art that is life. Life as art. Art as life. Etc.


So, while David Lawrence is an author, D. C. L. is an autobiographer, no matter what he writes. And, yes, I am speaking in both the first and third persons. Sorry. Again.


Despite the possible confusion, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer...